I attended a technical high school. during the initial trials days for each trade option, electricity intrigued me the most. After graduating i worked for a couple different manufacturing companies as a machine maintenance tech. A year later i found a solid company that took me as an apprentice electrician. After working in several different fields of electricity and learning many styles of wiring, i found a combination of customer care and pride in my work that seemed to fill a hole that was missing in the trademan-customer relationship. after pouring my heart and soul into each job and getting little appreciation for my work regardless of constant positive feedback from customers.I decided to take this as a sign and started my own company. Peter Milesi Electrician. I have had my license for nearly a decade and have been successfully helping home owners and small business owners upgrade their wiring to fit their needs and improve the quality of their life for 4 years and hopefully many more to come. 

       Have you ever gone to a mechanic and they know your clueless about cars when you walk in. They try to take advantage of your lack of knowledge and all you want is your car to be safe and reliable again. 

    Unfortunately, we have all suffered through bad business transactions. i don't want to live in a world where you can't trust the people who work on your house; a place we go to feel safe. At Peter Milesi Electrician, we inform our customers, give you options, and work with you to make sure your getting what you need. Safe, neat, professional craftsmanship.